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Can I play for real money?
Can I play poker privately with my friends (for free)?
Can I use commercially?
Do I have to register / create an account to play on
I have an idea / a suggestion to make even better. How can I contact you?
I read the FAQs, but I still have a question. How can I contact you?
What do I need to play?


I am getting an error "not in a hand right now". What does that mean?
My game seems stuck. Other players are telling me it is my turn, but I cannot make a move. What is happening?
The other players at my table can not hear or see me, what can I do?
The video or audio of one or more players at the table suddenly stopped working. What can we do?
We found a bug / there is an error that does not go away. What should we do?


Can I use hotkeys?
How can I look up a players mucked cards?
How can I play against bots?
How can I rearrange / resize a players video or the table?
How do I use the Chip Display Unit - setting?
I left the table (accidentally or on purpose). Can I go back and continue playing?
Other players at my table are having a loud conversation, but I need to concentrate on the hand I am in, what can I do?


Can I found a Club for free?
How do I create a Club?
How do I invite new members to my Club?
What are Club Roles?


How can I "rebuy" to a tournament?
How can I actually start the MTT?
How can I change the settings of an MTT?
How can I create a new Multi-Table-Tournament (MTT)?
How can I create a single-table sit&go?
How can I invite other players to an MTT?
How can I participate in an MTT?
What about late registration?
What are managed tournaments?
What are the most important things to remember when organizing a tournament?


Can I play with a private or inkognito browser?
Do you support smartphones?
I do not have a webcam, any advice?